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The SFS Group companies were established by the Markovitz family in 1981 in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). The group’s roll division has three main production facilities: the Lima plant in the state of Ohio, the Pittsburgh and New Castle Plants, both in the State of Pennsylvania. The team of SFS exceptional personnel has over 250 years of cumulative experience in melting, forging, heat treating, and the machining of rolls, in addition to servicing roll users.

SFS is a fully integrated alloy steel product manufacturer from scrap selection for melting through finishing. The primary product is forged and hardened rolls for hot and cold rolling of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The rolls can be finished up to 1700mm (67″) in diameter with weights in excess of 70 Metric Tons (154,000 pounds)

SFS plants are all ISO9001 certified. Quality assurance, from raw material purchases through final machining, is maintained by rigid quality control systems coupled with formal training of all personnel. Production quality is closely monitored by computer controlled supervision programs. Each step of the manufacturing process is verified to document SFS’ ability to meet our internal standards which are more stringent than typical industry standards. Over the years, SFS and its predecessor QR has received many quality awards from our customers, a result of providing superior products and services.