After Sale Technical Service

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Paul Haney

Vice President of Sales

Phone: (724) 556-9754


SFS personnel have made IMPROVING PRODUCT QUALITY AND PROVIDING EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE our continuous goal. Our after-sales service includes regularly visiting our customers’ plants to check roll performance, and to assist with any rolling problems. As a result of servicing customers, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in roll maintenance and operation.

In 1999, SFS established an international department handling our ever-growing international business and services. By 2004, SFS set up a European Office, and teamed up with a local European roll supplier for development and services. In 2005, SFS established the SFS Asia Pacific Office in Asia to service customers in Asia and the Pacific region. SFS believes that bringing services closer to our customers is key for success in achieving our goal of IMPROVING PRODUCT QUALITY AND PROVIDING EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE.