Material Selection

Material Selection, Melting, and Degassing

Our First Goal is to achieve the highest material cleanliness and purity. Our advanced manufacturing process includes single ladle technology, vacuum degas, and 100% bottom pouring. This technology significantly reduces impurities and inclusions, which may lead to roll surface defects like pinholes, cracks and spalls. the direct benefit of this achievement, to our customers, is smoother operation of rolls and superior quality of rolled products.

Our Process begins with stringent requirements for controlled sources of scrap material used in our electric furnace melting operation. A computer automated blending system (ABS) monitors all scrap and alloy received to ensure conformity to our low residual requirements for phosphorous, sulfur, and guaranteed raw material chemistry integrity.

Melting is performed in our 130 ton Electric Arc Furnace with a special slag process designed for low phosphorous and sulfur. Tapping, refining, and pouring involves a multiple function single ladle, which eliminates any reintroduction of contaminates from changing ladles.

SFS’ vacuum degassing process is performed in a special tank degasser with argon stirring. Multiple argon stirring regimes are in place to ensure the removal of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Hydrogen levels to <= 1 ppm are the norm. Inclusion removal is also facilitated with this ladle metallurgy process. This is the only VD process that can approach the cleanliness produced by Electro Slag ReMelt (ESR).